Hi! I hope you are doing well and enjoyed the official kickoff to fall! I took last week off to enjoy time with my mom who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and who was meeting Easton for the first time. I know, it’s weird but we’re not extremely close and so I wanted to really take the time to enjoy the time she was here. We had an amazing time and watching her interact with Easton was so cool. I didn’t grow up with any grandparents and I always envied my friends who were close to theirs. It’s just such a magical relationship and so I am determined to make sure he is super close & spoiled by his mimi, papi (Pete’s parents)  and Abuela (my mom).

 There is nothing I love more than the beginning of fall. When the weather is just right, not too cold and not too hot. When it lends to light layers and pretty fall foliage and I am so happy that Vegas is cooperating and giving me fall weather early. I was like a kid going through my coat closet getting re-aquinted with my coats again. I immediately pulled this grey suede one out. I scored it at marshals last year for $99 and I loved it so much I got it in plum too! Guys, I can almost guaranty they will restock it again so make sure and keep your eyes open when your in your local Marshalls. For now, i’ve linked a few options below.

XxOx, Marisela

DSC_3942 DSC_3919 DSC_3934
DSC_3992 DSC_3965 DSC_3947 DSC_4030

 T-Shirt: Nordstrom Rack / Jeans: Joes Jeans via Marshalls / Jacket: Via Marshalls / Shoes: Aquazzura / Bag: Givenchy / Sunnies: Givenchy

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