The Perfect Gift

This year Pete & I decided that instead of exchanges gifts with each other we would sponsor a family through the AAOK (Amazing Acts of Kindness) foundation. The foundation is still rather small, but what they do is truly amazing. They bring families in need holiday cheer. Here’s how it works, you pledge to sponsor a family, fill out their questionnaire and within a few days you are assigned a family. They send over a family fact sheet which includes ages, sizes and each individuals Christmas “wish list”. In order to find the most deserving families they partner with local charities around the the Las Vegas Valley to find the families in need. For example, the family we are sponsoring this year was nominated by the Cure for Kids Foundation.

I thought it was perfect when I received a gift card from Marshalls to help me find the perfect gift for someone on my list. I decided to use it to fulfill a few items for the little ones in my sponsor family. Their wish list includes shoes, legos and clothes for their one month old newborn little girl and I knew I could cross these off the list (and grab everything I need to wrap them) with one visit to Marshalls. I was able to cross off a big chuck for only $85! Scroll through to see the most perfect gift(s) I found at Marshalls.

Shoes: $16.99 vs. $34 / Legos: $44.99 vs. 59.99 / Infant cupcake onesie $9.99 vs. $17 & Calvin Klein chambray dress $$12.99 vs. $38.50.

This year AAOK is bringing christmas to 100 families in the Las Vegas Valley. If you would like to get involved but you can’t sponsor a family, You can donate or volunteer your time. Just check out their website for more information. www.

A huge thanks to Marshalls for supporting DCS!

Happy Holidays,  Marisela

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