1. Activity Center Easton has loved this thing since he was four months. He’s 8 months in a few days and while he no longer tolerates sitting in it because he’s totally mobile, he now pulls himself up on it and still plays with the attachments. You can actually turn it into an activity table by placing the foot pad on top of the table. I don’t think he’s ready for that quit yet, but it’ll definitely come in handy once he has more balance.
  2. Light up fish tank Guys, I credit this little thing to making him like tummy time! Up until I got this thing tummy time was a nightmare. Once I put this in front of him, he would just stare at it for long periods of time. He eventually started reaching for it and then started puling himself towards it. It seriously encouraged him to crawl. He still to this day loves this toy. He spends so much time trying to figure out how to get the fish out. LOL.
  3. Nursing Pillow I included this on my newborn must have list, but now that he is bigger, it’s become his pillow. We leave it out on the living room floor and when he gets a little tired he goes to it and cuddles with it. He will also go to it whenever he sees me coming with a bottle. I say it’s his lovey, but not really.
  4. Mesh Feeders Easton LOVES these things. For one, he already knows that there is something yummy in it (fresh fruit). I also think the mesh feels really good on his gums. We also have the boon ones, but he’ll usually leave fruit and with these, I usually have to refill it.
  5. Bouncer Between the activity center and this, I got a lot of stuff done. Sadly he’s getting to big for it, but he’s still happy to play with it.
  6. Music Table We used this to encourage him to sit up. We put it up on only one leg so it was tilted and he would sit in front of it and just hit and hit and hit.
  7. Dr. Browns Bottles Easton was a reflux baby. And although we were fortunate that it didn’t cause him pain (at least I don’t think it did because crying was not one of his symptoms) it did cause a lot of spit up and some discomfort in the form of grunting. These bottle really work. Once I introduced them his spit up and tummy issues definitely decreased and when  I tried to switch them (because they’re a pain with all the parts and he wasn’t ready) the difference was obvious. I highly recommend getting the green option bottles because once the reflux resolves, you’ll be able to use them without all the other parts.
  8. Seat This is one of our most used items. We actually don’t have a highchair yet because this still fills that need. But we mostly use it while we’re cooking dinner, We place it on our island (in a space spot) and he’s just so entertained watching us cook. I’ll usually give him a little snack in the mesh feeder and he’s content. It also comes with a toy attachment that he loved when he was smaller. Now he just rips it off.
  9. Playmat This too was included in my newborn must haves. But now it’s his little area on the floor, I call hit his home base.. We also move this and his pillow around the house for meal times while we need to get things done and he’ll happily lay on it and drink his bottle. It’s too cute.
  10. teether Oh boy, a teething baby is no joke. I feel terrible when ever he has new tooth coming in (he has four and two more otw). I swear other than boobsicles and this, nothing satisfies his need to chew like this. I’ve actually replaced it three times!
  11. Feeder– I know it’s weird to have this on Easton’s Hitlist, but he loves it. He’s usually sitting on his seat while I am making his food and he finds it so funny when I start blending. I also let him play with the little container as I feeding him and he loves it!
  12. Rolling Bee  I debated between this and the skip hop bee, but the price on this one was too good not to try. And I can tell you that Easton didn’t are that it wasn’t the expensive ass skip hop one. He would army crawl his little heart to try and keep up with it. It’s still one of his favorites.
  13. Humidifier– I put this on the list, because I am sure Easton loves that this has kept him from getting sick. He has battled a few congestions, but I swear using this at the first sign of it has helped us avoid something more serious like a sinus infection because it keeps his boogies nice a lose so that I can suck them out.. Ugh that’s still gross to me.


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