Happy Thursday! Today I have a super busy day. I am starting by going to a doctors appointment to do my glucose (gestational diabetes) test this morning then followed by a jam packed day of errands and shooting more content. If you read my last post, then you know my doctor was really alarmed during my last visit and I really hope I don’t have gestational diabetes, but that it was all due to all the carbs I ate that morning.  Please cross your fingers for me!

I have had this boiler suit in my closet for a year. I wore it while in Napa last year. It typically fits like a boiler suit does, nice and relaxed so I thought it would accommodate my bump and I was right. Can I even tell you that Pete complimented me in it! And he hates “onesies”. However, I did wear this two weeks ago and there is no way it will fit me now, so I am glad I pulled it out before it didn’t fit or else it might have ended up in the donation pile.

Hope you have a great day! XxOx, Marisela









suit: ASOS old / Boots: Micheal Kors (find them in my shop page)

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    • Marisela Altamirano

      Thanks, Lady!


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