Ever since having Easton I’ve desired better skin. Mostly because putting on makeup to feel better about myself is a little ridiculous, in my opinion. I want to eliminate the need for any foundations, tinted moisturizer, powders during the day. I want to be able to wear blush, mascara and a little lipgloss and call it day. So that is my goal. I craaaaave healthy skin!

Let me start this post by first telling you, that I am in NO way even close to knowing anything about skincare. What I know is what I learned from trial and error. My first recommendation is to see a dermatologist for any skin issues, like acne, rosacea, Melasma, etc.

Over the years, I have started to take my skin a little more seriously. I used to just use whatever, try whatever and never really paid attention to what the product was for. I figured it all did the same, but boy was I wrong. It wasn’t until I really figured out what it was about my face that bothered me, that I was able to really start honing in on a solution. Luckily my skin issues were never crazy. I’m lucky I never suffered from medical skin conditions. My issues were purely cosmetic, dull skin, dry skin, consistent blackheads, uneven skin tone, two dark spots, and enlarged pores, hence the blackheads.

My usual skincare routine consisted of Exfoliation (occasionally), face wash (usually something with an active ingredient), a serum, moisturizer. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that my nightly routine was always consistent and that I used all of these products all the time. The truth is I didn’t. If I ran out of something I would go without until I “found” myself in a beauty store.

About six months ago I started following Caroline Hirons and Shani Darden on Instagram. If you don’t follow them, do it. They are skin care gurus. Caroline Hirons is a blogger and has been blogging about beauty forever. She has the insight to new cutting-edge technologies and products and the best part is that she does honest brand/product reviews!  Shani Darden is an esthetician who works on the faces of Rosie Huntington Whitley, Jessica Alba, and Chrissy Teigen to name a few. But let’s just say there is never a shortage of Hollywood A-Listers sitting in her chair and she does daily skin care tips on her Instagram stories!

Following these two ladies, really put skincare in a more approachable format. First I learned that I was approaching skincare completely wrong. I was approaching it from the point of view that it would all improve my skin, and while I will say that it did help me have the appearance of good skin, I wasn’t using the right products to address the issues I had.

Let’s talk about my issues again. Dull skin, dry skin, consistent blackheads, uneven skin tone, two dark spots, and enlarged pores, hence the blackheads. Below is current skin care routine and what I am using to address these issues.

My new routine consists of…

Gentle Cleansing: Switched my active cleanser to a more gentle option.

Exfoliation: I started doing some sort of exfoliation each night. Whether it’s, mechanical or chemical. I have been using these pads for years (not consistently) and I love them. I have also heard great things about the Dr. Dennis Gross ones, and I plan on trying them once I am done with these.  My dear friend recently gave me a Clarisonic as a gift and I am obsessed. I alternate between the two each night.

Retinol: I introduced a mild retinol to see how my skin would react to it. After a couple of weeks, I introduced a real Retin-A (prescription grade retinol). I can not recommend a Retin-A enough. once I introduced this, I started to see the real results in my skin. I will warn you though, with a Retin-A you skin will get worse before it gets better. I had redness and peeling. Both typical side effects. But once I get over that hump, I saw amazing results.

** With the Retin-a I started by using it three times a week, and slowly worked my way up to every night. I then saw Shani Darden who shared her nightly routine and she first did an OTC retinol, followed by the retinol-a. I incorporated that method into my routine and it has worked out even better.

Vitamin C serum (Night) (day): I wasn’t sure what to think about incorporating a vitamin C, but one of my issues is dark spots and dull skin, and Vitamin C is supposed to help correct those to things. I do like the Drunk Elephant, but I will say it leaves a “filmy” almost “tacky” feel to my skin, which I don’t mind so much,, but once I do finish both of these products I plan on getting a serum that is okay for day and night use. It’ll save me about $100.

Moisturizer (Kopari) (Sunday Riley): I started using Kopari when I introduced the Retin-a because I needed something simple, clean and soothing while my skin adjusted to it and I really like it. It is extremely moisturizing and I will continue to use it. On days when I skip the Retin-A, I use the Sunday Riley. You really can’t go wrong with any of their products.

Sunblock: Guys, I never wore sunblock unless I was going out to the pool! Which is probably why I have sun spots, fine lines, and dry skin. LOL. No, but in all seriousness, this is the one product I feel like I was really missing. It’s protecting your investment because all of this shit is expensive!


Since following this routine my skin is brighter, tighter, and way more even. I still have a ways to go, but at this point, which is a month in, I have started going makeup-free to run small errands and I don’t feel like people are staring at me like I am about to die!


I will keep you posted on my results as they improve or un improve. LOL.

XxOx, Marisela









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  1. Lisa P

    Hi Marisela – perfect timing on your post as I’m seriously upping my skin care game right now. Thanks for the mentor and product suggestions – definitely adding to my research!!

    • Marisela Altamirano

      the biggest difference maker is retinol for sure! Good luck!


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