As my due date approaches, it’s starting to get a little nerve racking over here. I just can’t believe how many important things need to be done BEFORE the arrival. Things like pick a pediatrician! How do you chose a pediatrician? LOL. And actually register with the hospital, I thought you just show up yelling in pain and they take you back, you know like they do in the movies. So this week, that’s what is on my priority list. Any mamas out there have any recommendations for choosing a pediatrician? What questions to ask, etc?

Lately, I’ve been living in comfy stretchy pants and tank tops mostly because I am getting bigger by the day and finding clothes is just a challenge, but I found this little dress at H&M and thought it was cute. It’s light weight and perfect for spring and it worked with my bump so I went for it. (get it here $19.99) These mustard yellow sandals are from Marshalls and were only $19.99 and they come in black too.

XxOx, Marisela


DSC_6200 DSC_6183 DSC_6170 DSC_6150 DSC_6155 DSC_6163 DSC_6167

Dress: H&M / Shoes: c/o Marshalls / Hat: Lack of Color

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3 Responses to “EYELET DRESS”

  1. Sarah

    Such a cute outfit!!!!!

    • Marisela Altamirano

      Thanks so much! It was such a good find.

  2. Jimmie Duke

    Very cute on you, and could be taken in after a bump disappears; or, add a cute belt. I like it. Oh— the yellow shoes too!


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