Marisela AltamiranoHello and welcome to my blog, I’m Marisela {Maud-E-Sell-Ah}, My close friends and family call me Mari {pronounced Maud-E}. My love of fashion started when I was 6. That’s when we moved to the US from Mexico and my introduction to American TV was made. I remember being amazed. I credit The Cosby Show, Full House and MTV for teaching me english  (school too) and  influencing my love for fashion. I wanted to be DJ Tanner, Denise Huxtable and Madonna all at the same time. But it wasn’t until high school that my love for fashion really took off. It’s where I realized that personal style was an easy way to relate to others. I went through every style,  Preppy, skater, slutty, tomboy, chola (yes, I wore brown lipstick and wore bandanas in my hair). I just didn’t care. I dressed how I felt and how I wanted even at the risk of being sent home from school (or my brother kicking my ass because I wore his jeans, that was my TLC phase). Fast forward to present day and I still have that philosophy. Wear what you want and what makes you feel your best. It’s okay to experiment and try new styles. There is no rule in any fashion book ANYWHERE that says you must stick to only what you know. Now, I am not advocating that you show up to work in a matching crop top and pencil skirt, but definitely play with your style.

Now that you know a little bit of my young influences lets talk about how this blog came about.  I finally decided to the leap into the fashion world full time and I opened a clothing boutique I had so long imagined. I did it all, from raising the funding, scouting the location, advertising, buying, styling and the window displays, etc. But, the biggest challenges was getting my customer to see the potential in the garments. The most common questions my customers had was, “how would you wear this?”, “what would you wear this with?” so I decided to start a blog where I could show my customers how to style the pieces in my store. I learned a lot about fashion and the retail business, but once I realized that owning and operating a clothing boutique was not the part of fashion I wanted to be in, I decided that a personal style blog would be a good way to keep my finger on the fashion pulse. after all, I figured that women would still have those same burring questions.

My hopes for DCS is that it inspires you to try that new trend, or to finally wear that piece in the back of your closet that still has the tags attached (you know which one) because you aren’t sure how to wear it. But to also prove that just because you are no longer 21 you can’t still dress the way you feel, young, but with out looking juvenile. So feel free to poke around and please come back frequently as you never know what trend i’ll be trying next.

XxOx, Marisela