Festival Ready

While I have yet to attend Coachella, I love music festivals. Actually I love concerts in general, but I especially like all there is to do at music festivals, plus the fact that you usually get to see so many amazing bands/groups in one place! Las vegas has it’s own music fest, life is beautiful each year and I’ve been able to see Steve Wonder, Duran Duran, Snoop Dog, Imagine Dragons, Kimbra, Cayucas and a bunch more.

Festival fashion has become such a huge thing, but it has also become a little impractical. As someone who has been to a few music fests, here are a few recommendations to help you look festival ready, but comfortable throughout the day to make sure all you have to worry about is which bands you are going to see instead of fussing with your outfit.

  1. Probably the most important thing is to make sure you wear your most comfortable pair of shoes. I would not recommend purchasing a new pair of shoes for the event. You will do a ton of walking from stage to stage and breaking in a new pair of kicks will be miserable on you feet.
  2. as much as you want to wear your cute gladiator sandals, don’t! Wear closed toe shoes. You’ll be walking through dirt, spilled booze, food and sometimes even throw up, gross! Not to mention you’ll probably be standing in crowds listening to your favorite band and it’s a 100% guaranteed you’ll be stepped on.
  3. Looking the part should be subtle, (unless you are Vanessa Hudgens). Add something bohemian to your look, but steer clear away from rompers/playsuits and jumpsuits. You’ll be using porta potties and the thought of getting fully undressed in one makes me itch!
  4. Add a cool braid or a cool hat.
  5. Pile on the accessories! Turquoise is always a good festival idea!
  6. Wear a secure cross body. Something that is hard for someone else to get into. You’ll be in tight crowds and the safety of your belongings is crucial. I just don’t trust strangers!

Could you imagine my surprise when I walked into Marshalls and saw the perfect Tularosa off the shoulder blouse for $40 when it’s still in stores for $129? If you are looking for festival style head to Marshalls, they had so many great pieces!

XxOx, Marisela



Festival Ready Festival Ready Festival Ready Festival Ready Festival Ready

Top: Tularosa c/o Marshalls exact here  / Shorts / Belt: Marshalls / Boots: Sandro Paris / Bag

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