When it comes to food, this little fella has yet to show any discrimination. He will eat what ever you put in his mouth. I am trying my hardest to introduce him to a variety of foods, but it’s scary. Even though neither Pete or I have food allergies that run in our families, it’s definitely something that worries me. He already had eggs, yogurt, etc. The only thing I have yet to give him is peanut butter. I plan on giving it to him while sitting in the parking lot of the hospital one day. I know it sound crazy, and it is, but I am so so nervous about it. He is still on mostly a vegetarian diet, but he will get some chicken every now and then. While we try to give him what we eat, my food is usually pretty spicy, so I am still making small batches of food for him. But more often than not, he eats what we eat.

He is still sleeping from seven pm to somewhere between six and seven am and on an odd day until eight. I seriously feel so blessed that we haven’t had any set backs, although I prepared myself for all of the expected “sleep regressions”.  I mentioned before, we did do sleep training at 4.5 months and it worked out great for us. We followed the ABC’s of sleep by TakingCaraBabies.com. I highly recommend the program. For all you mamas to be, she also offers a new born class called, will I ever sleep again. I regret not taking that course.

Easton is a busy, busy kid. As I am sure all nine month olds are. He’s swift crawler, and getting pretty good on his feet. He can walk circles around our SHARP edge coffee table, and I am no longer so nervous that I hover over him. I’m sure it’s going to be the cause of a bruise eventually, but for now he seems to be maneuvering it pretty well. He started transferring from the coffee table to the couch a few days ago, so I hope walking is right around the corner.

When it comes to his schedule he’s a really flexible guy. Most of the time it’s a good thing and on the occasional day it back fires but I assume even babies with strict schedules have the occasional melt down, right? But for the most part he’s a go with the flow guy. If I need to run errands during nap time hell take his nap in his car seat or the stroller, it’ll be a shorter nap, but he’s happy as long as he get a little nap.  His schedule starts from the time he wakes up (between 6/7 am). He naps every two hours for a hour, and eats right after his nap, so roughly every three hours. Below is a sample schedule if he wakes up at 7am.

7am- wake eat play

8:30/9am nap

10am eat & play

11:30/12pm nap

1pm Eat and play

4/4:30 short nap

5pm wake play eat

6:45pm start bedtime

7pm sleep

Again this is a lose schedule and the times are “roughly”. We don’t wake him to eat, if he sleeps longer cool, more time for me, right? He eats all day long, and we just make sure and offer a few more ounces in each bottle if he skips a meal due to sleep. The only thing that is a hard time stamp on his schedule is bedtime. It is always 7pm (once in a while, we keep him out past bedtime, but the latest we’ve pushed it is 8pm), for his benefit and our sanity. He hasn’t given me a sign that he is ready to drop a nap. Mamas when does that happen?

Easton has found his voice and it’s loud. Of course, I would get the vocal child. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am super sensitive to noise, but somehow his top of the lung screams and talking doesn’t bother me AT ALL. He says Mama all day and I love that mama came to him first, but I do feel bad that he doesn’t say dada yet because I want Pete to understand how special that sound is. I got teary eyed when he started sayin git.

Other than constantly cleaning the floors and making sure nothing that is a chocking hazard is with in reach. We have not done one single bit of baby proofing. There is a few things that have to get done like, anchor two floor mirrors, switch out all the visible outlets to a baby proof outlet. I would like to avoid using the little outlet caps. Our house was full of them when we moved in, and I found them highly annoying. I once saw these outlets that had a built in cover. I am hoping I can find them again and convince Pete to spend a day switching them out.

Overall, he is a happy, easy, baby. He has brought so much joy into our lives, it is indescribable. He is loving, mild tempered, smiley, and so mild tempered that when he is fussy, I panic and think he must be sick.  He is obsessed with our dogs and loves FaceTime.







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On me: Top / Jeans / shoes (old) / bag sold out but these are cute / sunnies

On Easton: Sweater: Carters / Pants: H&M shoes: Freshly Picked



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