Todays gift guide is for that fashion gal in your life. I am that girl and I can with certainty tell you NOT to go for clothes. We are particular and we also don’t want anyone to spend their time and money on something we might never wear of end up exchanging anyway. So here are few pieces any fashion girl in your life that she is sure to love.  In this gift guide you will find some splurges and some more affordable items so that we can cover all budgets.

Gucci Belt- This is the belt of the season. It has replaced the popularity of the “H” Hermes belt. Every fashion girl would love this

Camel Coat- A classic staple in every gals closet, but this one offers a cool twist

Note Books- A fashion girl is always on the go and an idea can strike at any given moment

Match Holder- I assume your fashion girl loves to burn yummy candles, but did you know she was missing a chic match holder?

Artis Oval Makeup Brush- Not only is this chic, but your fashion girl will love how evenly this brush applies her makeup

Initial Necklace- Can never go wrong with a personalized piece of jewelry

Movado Watch- I am obsessed with this watch and she will be too

Luxury Hand Soap- Trust me when I say she wants to take care of her hands as much as she does her clothes. And it’s so chic!

Luxury Room Defuser- A candle or luxurious room sprays are always on top of a fashion girls list

SK-11 Eye Masks- These are like a steamer for her eyes, they will soften all those fine little wrinkles

Wide Rim Fedora- This will complete any outfit

Round Mirrored Sunglasses- Because you can’t be a fashion girl with out a pair of these babies.


XxOx, Marisela



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