Alright guys, with only roughly 7 weeks to go until this little human who kicks, swims, hiccups, and keeps me awake all night long arrives I thought I would share all of my new born gear essentials. I know what you are thinking, how do I know what I need if he’s not here yet. Well, something you should know about me is that I am a serious researcher. Anytime it comes to purchasing anything from a pair of shoes, to a new sofa I have probably researched for at least a few weeks. I very seldomly pull the trigger with out having done some type of research, comparison, etc. It’s actually really annoying. I am the person who always thinks I can get a better deal, or that there is something better or comparable out there.


I took the time to read countless mommy blogs, watched a crazy amount youtube channels, asked all my mom friends and these are the items that were not only the consistently mentioned, or products that I compared to the popular ones and felt these would be just as good.

1.Uppababy Cruz Stroller. I decided on this very early on. My stroller choice had to meet a few requirements. IT had to be a “travel system”, light weight, easy to maneuver (fold, adjust, etc). One of the reasons I settled on the Uppa Baby (other than the amazing reviews) was that the seat is removable and you can store it until baby gets a little bigger, and the infant car seat can be attached directly to the stroller, which actually makes it really light. It has a pretty spacious basket and it is unbelievably easy to work. And when I saw the new upgrades for the 2017 models, I was sold. I love the Chambray like material and the leather handles. I compared it to Chicco, Nuna, Britax, and Graco and Maxi Cosi. The price fell right in between all of them.

2. Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat. I decided on keeping in with the stroller. If you can do this you will save money. I really considered the Rachel Zoe for Maxi Cosi car seat, but then it would require extra attachments to work with the stroller so I opted go with Uppa Baby as well and maybe go with the RZxMC for the next one. We also purchased a second base so that both Pete and I can easily take baby without having to transfer the whole carseat system.

3. Ergo Baby Cool Air Carrier. This is one of two carriers we opted for. This one is mostly for Pete to use, but we definitely went with the air carrier due to the climate we live in. Not to mention it was the most “dad” looking one I could find. LOL.

4. Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper. This one was a tough one. i really thought I was going to go with the MamaRoo. but after doing some research, I found that baby would only fit in it for a few months, and then after scouring resale sites I saw a lot of Mamaroos on there that were barely used, or like new. I just couldn’t justify the price. The second best was this one. It pretty much does all of the things the mamaroo does and from all the reviews it’s just as effective at a 1/3 of the price and it’s portable! The only concern I have is that the head support is pretty hard so i do plan on purchasing a head support insert.

5. Ubi Diaper Pail. This one was pretty simple because I have personally seen one of these in use and I felt it was pretty effective. Hopefully I am not wrong.

6. Moby Baby Wrap Carrier. This one is for me to use. I actually went with a waterproof mesh one because of how hot it is here in Las Vegas. I wanted to make sure it was breathable.

7. Tote Savy Diaper Bag Insert. I opted for this because I simply couldn’t find a diaper bag with as many compartments already built in and the idea of all of that stuff just floating in a black hole just gives me anxiety. With this ill be able to still carry some of my bags, and everything will have a place. Pete just plans on using a back pack.

8. Ergo Baby Nursing Pillow– I really love how structured this nursing pillow is. From the reviews I read, it doesn’t wear down and the baby won’t sink in to it half way through a feeding.

9. Nook Sleep Lily Pad Playmat. I opted for this one because it is nice and thick and we have tile floors which can be pretty uncomfortable and it’s chic, not to mention made of all safe, natural materials for baby.

10. Nook Sleep Nursing Pillow or Baby Lounger. I plan on using this as an infant lounger. It’s so soft and seems so comfortable and it’s made of all natural, safe products for baby.

11. Baby Bouncer/rocker. To be honest, I chose this one blindly. It does have good reviews, but I mostly chose it because it wasn’t so “baby” like the other bouncers. I love the color palette as this is what I plan to use in the living areas. It also folds for storage and it’s portable.

12. Puj bath tub. I chose this because it is compact enough to use in a sink vs. having to bend over the tub for the first few months.

13. Crane Cool Mist Humidifier. Living in the dry climate a humidifier is a must have. I chose this one because of the reviews. My only requirement is that is had to be a cool mist which will not build bacteria.

14. iBaby Monitor. This came recommend to us. I really wanted to avoid having a separate gadget. With this one you download an app to your phone and that is your monitor.


When baby gets here and I start to use some of these things I will let you know my personal reviews.

XxOx, Marisela

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