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Hey guys! Can you believe Easton is 2 months old already! I myself am so excited to see him continue to grow. I keep saying that the newborn phase is for 2nd time moms or moms who have more than one kid. I found the newborn phase to be really stressful. I guess mostly because I had no idea what the F I was doing. Now that I have two months under my belt, I feel like an expert. LOL. Just kidding!

Easton cracked his first social smile at exactly 6 weeks and it was really quick one morning. I wasn’t sure if it really was until later that afternoon when he looked right at me and smiled so big for about 5 seconds, of course I cried! Now he won’t stop smiling. I think I’ll get a chuckle out of him really soon! He’s still a pretty small fella, but he did grow out of newborn diapers and is starting to grow out of NB clothing too! He is generally a happy baby and down for what ever, with the exception of any type of swing. We have a fisher price swing and he’s never liked it from day one. I thought maybe he would like the Mamaroo better so a friend lent me hers to try it and he did not discriminate, he absolutely hated it! And if you follow me on instagram, you know all about the carseat fiasco. Read below to find out my favorite products so far!

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Swaddle Easton hates being swaddled, like so much so that he gets really pissed off. It started in the hospital when he was born. I thought something was wrong with him because he would grunt and wiggle his way out of the nurses swaddles and then cry when he got lose… It’s just that he doesn’t like to feel restrained (which makes sense why he hates the carseat). But the fact that he wasn’t spared the startle reflex, sleeping was a challenge until I put him in this swaddle.

Sleeper: This has served as Eastons “bassinet” since day one. I will warn you, it is a plastic support base and I thought it was too hard, so I just took a quilt blanket and put it between the plastic base and the top liner.  Easton knows it’s bedtime once his swaddle goes on and I lay him in here. He just goes out! I only use the rocking motion.

New Born Lounger: This is probably my hands down most used item. Easton loves it. He takes his short naps on it (he can sleep through anything so most of the time he naps in the living room or in my office if I am working, like I am doing now) ,or I can just lay him in it and he just chills. I wish they made an adult version of this because it looks really comfortable. Sadly, he’s starting to outgrow it :(.

Nap time: Okay, I was really skeptical about this. I thought it was one of those cool, look at me, I have a Doc-A-Tot mom items, but Easton started to regress on his naps, he would sleep for 20 minutes and wake up! I was like hell no, I can’t handle this! I did some more research, and decided to try it. Easton takes his long nap in it and sleeps like a champ. I love it so much, that I take it with me anytime I go to a friends home because I know nap time will be so easy. The price tag is a little hefty, so I reached out to a local baby reseller to see if they had a gently used one, where maybe I could just buy a new cover for it ( I am not above saving some money) and they actually happened to have a few brand new ones for sale and I was able to snag it for $125 instead of $180.

White Noise: We decided not to buy a white noise machine because we have an extra iPhone and bluetooth speaker that were just laying around. I personally sleep with fan on, and when traveling I use the Sleep Fan App so that is the same app we use for his white noise. I also use the Cradle App where I recorded myself shushing and we play both for him the same time.


Sponge Baths: This is what we used during sponge baths for the first few weeks while his belly button and circumcision healed. We layed him on it next to our kitchen sink and it worked out well. Once he is able to sit up we will definitely use it again in our kitchen sink for baths. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with any of our other sinks.

Bath Tub: For now we bathe him in the this skip hop bath tub. I love it because the net really supports him well and keeps him from sliding down. It is a little hard to bend over the bath tub and bathe him so I can’t wait until we can switch him back to the bloom in the sink. My back wil thank me.

Bath Sponge: I can not recommend this sponge enough. It looks scary in the packaging, but it is so soft and absorbs so much water that an extra cup is not necessary. I use this for wash and rinse It makes bath time so easy!

Bath Products: I received this starter package as a gift and I love these products. I especially like the shampoo for flakes/cradle crap. When Easton has flakes, I use it and by the third bath, they are gone. The lotion smells just like a newborn baby and leaves his skin so soft.


I mentioned in one of my last updates, that breastfeeding has been a challenge and it’s getting better every day, but we’re not 100% just yet. Until then, I am still pumping and bottle feeding a lot.

Bottles: I think I mentioned before we did try a few other bottles and while Easton is not nipple specific and will take anything I put in his mouth, these do happen to be my favorite. I seems like I can control the flow better. With every other bottle we tried, he would gulp it down within minutes and since I am still trying to make BF a thing, I don’t want him to develop flow preference.

Madela Symphony Hospital Grade Pump: I can’t tell you how much you need one of these! I don’t only recommend it for bottle feeding mamàs but also if you want to start pumping to store. It’s so fast and does a really great job of emptying each breast.

Manual Harmony Breast Pump: This is something I recently picked up and I love it. The hospital pump is too large to carry around, and I was getting really annoyed carrying around my smaller one for quick outings, So I got this one to try and I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s easy to use, you can carry it in your tote bag, pump in a dressing room, or even your car without having to pull out a machine and all the parts that go with it.

Bottle Warmer This is a recent addition. Since bottle feeding wasn’t in the plan, I didn’t think we needed one. But since we are bottle feeding chilled breast milk, I decided to pull the trigger on one. before this, we were using the gold hot water cup method and this is so much easier! I don’t think oe is necessary if you are going to formula feed since that can be made and fed with room temperature water.


Little Remedies Gas Drops: These are a real savior and I was only using them on days when we just couldn’t work out the gas naturally, especially at 3am! He didn’t have collic, but from his grunts and screams, I could just tell he was in a lot of discomfort. They were a last resort, but they work great. Easton would get immediate relief. I also tried gripe water, but that didn’t work well for him.

Gerber Soothe Probiatics: I follow a girl on instagram who has a cute little boy two weeks older than Easton, and I saw that her son was having some gastro issues so I reached out to her to find out what she was using and these are what she was using. After doing some research and reading all of the amazing reviews, I decided to ask my pediatrician about them. Once I got the okay from him, I started incorporating them as part of his nightly routine. It’s only been a week, but he seems to be doing better. Especially at night. Before they were loud grunts and now they’re definitely softer and they’re not waking him up. That’s a great thing!

Avent Soothie Pacifier: This one came as a recommendation from my lactation consultant. She recommended this over the nook due to the shape of the nipple. Plus they come with all those cute little buddies attached. Although I prefer the single ones better. I am sure once he is able to grab on, we’ll switch back to those.


Okay I was the crazy person who thought she was going to dress her new baby in cute outfits every single day. Ha! I got a wakeup call real quick. My doctor was estimating him to be close to an 8lb baby so I didn’t have much newborn clothes to start with. Then I realized in the beginning all they do is eat, sleep, pee, shit, repeat and the thought of dealing with a cute outfit 8/10 times a day just seemed daunting so I got over that real quick. He lived in onesies for the first 45 days. especially since he was so small, I didn’t see a point in purchasing actual newborn clothing.

Gerber Onsies: He lived in these. They are cheap, come in packs of 4 or 8 and in different colors. He ended up going through so many of these because I was not about wash anything with poop on it.

Nordstrom Baby Onsies: These were our were going somewhere onesies. They are the softest!


Tummy Time : I realize this is a little expensive, but I went with this play mat because we have tile floors and this particular one is nice and padded which we need for tummy time. I was scared he was gonna zonk his head on the floor. I also like that it’s a little chic. It’s the one baby item, that I don’t mind if it stays out while we are not using it. All other gear, gets put away once we are done with it. However,  If you have carpet, you could go with a more affordable version.

Play Mat: I am not gonna lie, It is a little to babyish for me. I would of rather gone with something chic like a cool wooden gym bar, but newborns love black and white and it was the only one I could find that featured the black and white contrast. He literally just stared at the black and white bars the entire time. It’s not until now that he is starting to acknowledge the other stuff on it.

Baby Carrier: I think every mom goes through a phase where they need one of these. If you are a new mom, baby carrying is very intimidating. At least for me it was. I have three different baby carriers, and I couldn’t master them enough feel comfortable carrying Easton around in them for a prolonged period of time. This one makes 4 baby carriers and it is the only one I use because it is sooo easy!


Pampers Newborn Swaddlers: These were given to us and we loved them, they seem to work well. Now that he is (barley) out of the NB diaper into size one, we did switch to Huggies because they seem to be a little smaller than the Pampers. However, I am conisdering trying parsol, their diapers are just oo cute!

Puppie Pee Pads: I now weird, but when your baby pees on your changing pad cover for the 5th time you result to weird things. I was so tired of chaining and washing the pad covers that I decided to put a puppy training pad on top and it has been the best decision. Now if he pees or they get stained with poop, then I just throw the pad away. Of course when we have guests we remove the pee pad. :)

Water Wipes: These wipes are made of 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract. They are the the only wipes I carry because they’re not only a great natural option for the bum but I also love that I can use them on his face and hands. And now that hes starting to put his hands in his mouth, I feel comfortable that he’s not getting a bunch of chemicals. 

Honest Diaper Rash Cream: I don’t have anything else to compare it too, but this works like a charm. Ive used it at the first sign of redness and by the next diaper change it’s gone. I am not sure if other brands do this, but I don’t have a reason to change at this moment.







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