For us here in Las Vegas warm temps and sandal season started a while back which means before we slip on all those cute sandals well pedicured feet are a must. Around here a pedicure costs about $30 and because of our dry weather I find myself in that chair quite frequent, and it was getting really costly.  Listen, I really enjoy siting in that chair, drinking my soy chai tea late and just relaxing but once I realized how much I was spending on pedicures  each month I knew had to find a way to reduce that cost, but first I had to find the perfect summer sandals.

I Love shopping Marshalls for sandals because they have a great selection in various styles, from the classic styles to the current trends I am always able to find something that will carry me through the summer. I love these Navy Blue classic sandals with the little bow. I love a simple summer sandal like these because you can literally throw them on with anything and not even think about it. This style is my go to for maxi dresses. And how cool are these black gladiator style with the grommets? These will definitely become my goto sandals when I feel like just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They add such a cool girl factor.

DSC_7505 2-2

While I was there picking out some sandals, I decided to see if I could find something to help me stretch the time in-between pedicures as well. I knew Marshalls has a huge beauty department, but I was so surprised at the options I found for your feet! They had everything I needed to help my pedicures last longer.

My heels are my main issue so the Bliss Spa Foot Series package is exactly what I need. It comes with a battery operated powered exfoliator which can be changed to buffing pads to smooth the skin once you get the dead skin off, and to it even comes with a hydrating foot cream!

I have on many occasions picked up face sheet masks from Marshalls, but I was surprised to find a foot mask. After I exfoliated my feet I applied one of these hydrating & smoothing masks for 30 minutes and WOW, my feet were so soft and felt like I had just got a spa pedicure!

I have also started to bring my own nail polish so that I can touch up any chips, and minor grow out at home, and yes, I get all of my essie nail polish from Marshalls.

Guys, for $23.97 I was able to revive my pedicure for another week or so. And will be able to do this same process multiple times through spring and summer which will save me hundreds. And most importantly  make sure my feet feel and  look amazing in my new favorite sandals.


DSC_7567-2Navy Sandals c/o marshalls $49.99 vs. $80 / Grommet Sandals c/o Marhsalls $39.99 vs. 59.99 /  Bliss Foot Spa Package c/o Marshalls $14.99 vs. $30 / Foot Mask $4.99 vs. $8 / Robe c/o Marshalls $39.99 vs. $60.

Thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own.

XxoX, Marisela

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